The Downtowner Bar and Kitchen

Published March 3, 2017 by lanagandy


img_5583What a wonderful place to meet for breakfast, lunch, dinner or happy hour. I’ve experienced three of the four and intend on sharing this precious Gem with all of my friends. In case you were wondering, where is the The Downtower, it’s located, 308 S. Castell Ave.  It’s the old Rock Shop location. If you don’t remember, the rock shop, surely you know where the farmers market is located? The Downtowner is 2 doors to the left.
So the first time I dropped into The Downtowner I was with my Mom, it was a Sunday and the place was hoping. We only had time for one drink and look around at this amazing place but loved it.

From the outside it looks like a welcoming and cozy place and it’s just that and more. Once walking in you’re greeted by a happy wait staff. You will have a comfortable place to sit for your table or you can have a cocktail at the bar. Going forward I like to call it the diner area. It’s wide open with a two story open area where you can see into the kitchen and admire all of the hustle and bustle of the staff. Lots of laughter and clinking of glasses.
My second visit was for brunch on a Saturday afternoon after the Farmers Market. None of us were starving but after looking at the menu and seeing all of the delicious food come out of the kitchen, none of us could not order a little something.


Alright, you ready to hear about the food? A couple of girls had crab-cakes and split them. Some of the things I heard were; all crab, no filler, fresh, unbelievable and I want more.


Patty had duck eggs over easy and they couldn’t have been more fresh.


I order simple, avocado toast, eggs and bacon. It was perfect and I would like to have it every morning for breakfast.img_5586 We all had an amazing time and we’ll be going back often to explore the menu.

The menu changes frequently so some of the items that I have mentioned may not be on the menu any longer because of them being seasonal but I’m sure they will have something to meet your liking.
So onto my third visit, my friend Kelly took me to celebrate National Margarita Day. Well of course we had to both have a hand crafted margarita made from a friend Michael. They were refreshing and delicious.
I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Oh my, it was fantastic and I ate the whole thing. I would suggest it to anyone. It was served on a bun from Uwe’s Bakery with cheddar, bacon Dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, onion and Lattice chips that rock!

Kelly ordered the Steak Sandwich and this is exactly what he had to say about it! “The Certified Angus Beef steak sandwich I ordered medium was cooked to a perfectly acceptable desired texture & taste with the accompanying American cheese melting over the sides of a bread bun from Uwe’s bakery was delicious and highly recommendable. Coupled with spinach toppings and a few thin slices of purple onion with a side of health proportions of warm lattice fries ~ prove to be the delectable delight I was looking for as a light lunch. Good atmosphere with a vigilant waiter never leaving my water glass empty, my delightful lunch partner and I  decided it was a surely a place we would return to in the not so distance future (especially to try the fried chicken being placed in front of a welcoming guest as we departed to out next destination).”

So this is a small fraction of what you can expect from The Downtowner. These folks are considerate and are promoting Central Texas economy and our farmers. You will be guaranteed to have the freshest local cuisine ever.
The menu consists of creative appetizers, unique dishes from pulled pork and eggs, 44 Farm cheese Burgers, Quail many ways,  cheese boards with local cheeses and Jamon Iberico, Fried Chicken and Biscuits made fresh daily, salads and so much more. Oh, I gently touched on it but the full bar will make you anything hand-crafted your little heart desires.

New Braunfels is coming alive down town with fabulous restaurants and The Downtowner is where I suggest you start with your adventures.
Thanks for reading, sharing and following.
Lana Gandy with “What’s on Your Stove?”
Remember, home is where the heart is and the kitchen is its soul!

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